1. Crusin’ dutch style around Holland with @remidee .. #bike #vibes


  2. Day one of Holland Tour, my feet are nice & comfy. @stancesocks_uk #stancecc #nikeairmax


  3. Waiting to fly off to Holland. Definetly doesn’t feel like i am about to fly out of London though!!


  4. All packed and ready for touring week with @lz7ogram in Holland, Scotland and Switzerland


  5. My very talented housemate @leesketchmerricks drawing a piece on our living room wall. Including a bit with my character Juke from The Amazing World of Gumball cartoon reppin’ an @anyforty tee. Dope. #cartoonnetwork #theamazingworldofgumball #anyforty


  6. So it turns out we now have a living room outside our place as well as inside .. #werehouseliving #highcross


  7. Voicover time


  8. Back at Fitzrovia to record spme bits for another episode of The Amazing World of Gumball #cartoonnetwork #amazingworldofgumball #juke #beatbox


  9. @Trol23 getting his skate on outside mine with @reiss_dubrat


  10. Rooftop Jam ready to roll. Looking good #rockwellhouse